TRNR X7 Resistance System

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Our most compact strength training system, the TRNR X7 Resistance System is here to revolutionise the way you train, bringing you a more efficient, varied, and safer workout - anywhere, anytime. Stronger, more defined arms, legs, pecs, abs, glutes and back muscles have never been more achievable with this unique system that rivals an entire gym arsenal - despite fitting into a small bag. The progressive resistance throughout the entire range of motion maximises your results whilst being gentle on your joints. The Stackable Clip System enables you to mix up your routine and stay motivated. Select your favourite gym and Pilates exercises from the poster included and stack or remove resistance (4.3 kg up to 39 kg) to suit your personal needs. The door and outdoor anchors open a world of exercise possibilities by letting you move in multiple directions. Setup is quick and easy - all you need is a door or a fixed object like a bench, tree or pole. Switching from upper to lower body workouts only takes seconds by swapping the handles for the ankle straps.


3 Strength Tubes X: Light (Blue), Medium (Orange) and Heavy (Grey)
Pair of Handles for upper body workouts
Pair of Ankle Straps for lower body workouts
Door Anchor
Outdoor Anchor
TRNR carry bag
Exercise poster


Safety String Innovation prevents tubes from overstretching and snapping
7 possible resistance load combinations
Stackable Clip System allows for resistance stacking and swift change from upper to lower body workouts
Free access to the TRNR app
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