TRNR Strength Tubes - 3 pack

$89.99 $80.99 Smartcard
Built for progressive resistance training and ideal for upper body conditioning, the TRNR Strength Tube 3-Unit Pack will help you target your back, chest, shoulders, biceps, triceps and abs. It will help you develop muscle mass, while protecting your joints and preventing bone density loss. It comes complete with two anchors  for maximum exercise versatility at home or outdoors.    

Light, Medium and Heavy levels
Light weight range: 4.3-8.7 | 9.5-19.2 lb
Medium weight range: 6.6-13.2 kg | 14.6-29.1 lb
Heavy weight rrange: 8.1-17.1 kg | 17.9-37.7 lb
Door anchor included with soft foam end to prevent any door damage
Outdoor anchor included to prevent tube friction and prolong lifespan when training outside
Durable custom handles featuring TRNR logo and pattern for enhanced grip
Extra-wide grip suitable for all hand sizes
Exercise poster provided and free TRNR app access for inspiration
Recommended for all fitness levels
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