TRNR Strength Tube X-Heavy

$39.99 $35.99 Smartcard
Size: XHVY
Colour: BLACK
Want to build great strength without risk of strain? At 17.1 kg maximum rating, the TRNR Strength Tube in Heavy packs a punch and, because the resistance increases exponentially, reaching its peak intensity at the end of the range of motion, it lets you stay well in touch with your own abilities to prevent the dreaded injury. Strategically placed at the core of the Strength Tube, our innovative string also ensures that the tube cannot be extended past its maximum stretching capacity and point of rupture.     

Heavy Resistance: focus on speed + strength, high-intensity training and body sculpting
Weight rating: 8.1-17.1 kg | 17.9-37.7 lb
For muscle mass in shoulders, biceps, triceps, pecs, lats and core
Door anchor included with soft foam end to prevent any door damage
Durable custom handles featuring TRNR logo and pattern for enhanced grip
Extra-wide grip suitable for all hand sizes
Exercise poster and free TRNR app access for inspiration
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