TRNR Physio Band X-Light

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Size: XLGT
Colour: RED
With resistance rating from 2.7 up to 5.1 kg, the TRNR Physio Band X-Light is the perfect match for those seeking to recover after an injury or start exercising after prolonged periods of inactivity. Designed for the back, shoulders, chest, biceps and triceps, this flat resistance band features a resting length of no less than 1.5 m for great exercise versatility and printed weight ratings in both kilos and pounds for easy performance tracking.    

X-Light resistance: focus on gentle exercise, stretching, range of motion, injury prevention and low-impact exercise that target slow-twitch muscle fibers to develop endurance (with high reps)
Weight rating: 2.7-5.1 kg | 6-11.2 lb
1.5 m long and smooth elastic resistance
Helps work on functional movement patterns and address muscle imbalances to reduce muscle or joint strains
Simply knot it to perform rotator cuff exercises
Made from top-grade, natural rubber latex
With an exercise poster to recreate a gym in the comfort of your own home
Lightweight and foldable - take it anywhere with you to fit in a quick workout
Suitable for those new to physical activity or recovering after an injury
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