TRNR Hydrobag - 15kgs

$179.99 $161.99 Smartcard
The 15 kg TRNR Hydro Bag is designed for ultimate instability training. It will challenge both your trunk muscles and postural control for improved core strength, spinal mobility, joint stability, coordination, balance, and proprioception. As the water constantly shifts inside the bag, it creates the ultimate instability, requiring greater activation of the stabilising muscles in your core and limbs to maintain your balance. The horizontal and vertical handles let you perform a variety of exercises that mimic multi-planar functional movements and can help you prevent injuries. When empty, the Hydro Bag becomes lightweight, making it perfect for both travel and storage.    

Up to 15 kg of water capacity
Double handle position - vertical and horizontal grip
Convenient load change - all you need is water
Leak-proof, heavy-duty construction
Convenient step pump and special adaptor included to fill up any void with air
Hybrid valve specially engineered to prevent both water and air from escaping
Comes with exercise poster and free TRNR app access
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