TRNR Gel Balls

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Looking for a fun and convenient way to improve your grip strength? The TRNR Gel Balls will have you covered. In a pack of three with a light, a medium and a heavy resistance, they allow you to progress at your own pace. They are perfect for crushing, pinching and finger extension exercises, targeting the flexor and extensor muscles of the hand and forearm. You can also use them for reflex exercises or even as stress relief balls. The gel construction delivers superior comfort and durability.    

Pack of 3 grip strengthening balls
Ideal to restore hand and forearm mobility
Help improve fine & gross motor skills
Light (light grey): 10 kg/22 lb of resistance for rehab use
Medium (dark grey): 20 kg/44 lb of resistance for strength building
Heavy (black): 30 kg/66 lb of resistance for sports performance
Diameter: 5 cm/1.97 in.
Diverse applications: flexion/extension, reflexes, stress relief
Easy to clean (in warm soapy water)
Poster included for guidance
Free access to the TRNR app
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