Signature Type 3 Teen Dentist2GO Mouthguard

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Size: TEEN
Colour: CLEAR
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This professional and competition level mouthguard features a full profile, precision controlled thicknesses, design replicates an impression taken by a Dentist from which a standard dentally prescribed mouthguard is made.

Signature Type 3 Dentist 2GO is a recommended choice for competition level athletes seeking a balance of price, features and custom fit.  This makes the Type 3 Signature Dentist 2GO mouthguard a quality item which is the closest retail product in the world today to the handmade, custom fitted/prescribed dentist mouthguard. We highly Recommend this Mouthguard for Teens and Adults looking for a great fitting mouthguard they will wear often.

Key Features
Absorbs impact
Protects teeth, gums, jaws and joints
Designed to fit mouth and teeth accurately to give better protection
Has a comfortable fit to enable easy breathing, talking and drinking
An affordable warm and fit design. Adapts to most mouths

Not suitable for use with Orthodontic Braces.

Ages 12-17 (Teen)
Ages 17+ (Adult)
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