Sidearm Club

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Sidearm Club is designed to allow colt, novice and village cricketers the best practice available. It's very easy to use, and can be mastered by most cricketers within 5 or 10 minutes. A great way for parents whose throwing and bowling days may be behind them to give little johnny or johnetta top quality practice whenever they need it.

The Sidearm Club has been designed to throw lighter cricket practice balls such as incrediballs or windballs, as well as full weight cricket balls.

Its also a great tool for building confidence and getting the body moving by being fed loads of eminently hittable deliveries. 5 minutes in a net before an important innings and you'll go out to the middle feeling like you're on about 120!

Any coach who uses the Sidearm club for a couple of sessions will soon be able to throw different lengths and lines at will, mixing yorkers and bouncers to really keep the batsman reacting as they would in a game situation.
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