Paceman 245 Cricket Bowling Machine

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The Paceman 245 Cricket Bowling Machine will help to transform your net sessions with it's innovative design that adds the capabilities of delivering inswing, outswing, off-spin & leg-spin deliveries. Making sure players are well-prepared for all style of bowling, this bowling machine can deliver balls at a variety of speeds up to 62mph ideal practice for a matchday. The Paceman 235 features full directional adjustment which prevents you from repositioning the whole tripod.

Club & Personal Use.
Variable speed up to 100kph.
Use with all Paceman Ball types.
Full directional adjustment for pitch and width.
Durable, light weight construction with heavy duty DC motor.
12 Ball Adjustable Auto Feeder.
Adjusts feed timing at intervals between 5 - 10 seconds.
Produces Inswing and Outswing, Leg Spin and Off Spin.

Portable, connects directly onto an SLA Battery (not included).

Mains power supply available (not included).
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