Mitre Ultimatch One 24 Soccer Ball

$50.00 $45.00 Smartcard
Size: 4
Colour: YL/BK/GR
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The iconic Mitre Ultimatch design is back for the modern game. Re-vamped and ready for fast play, the Ultimatch ONE features a brand new 24 bonded-panel construction which is inspired by the famous Mitre football constructions from yesteryear. The new Ultimatch ONE is Mitre's Base-Level Match Ball.

HyperFlow - Polyurethane sealed 24 panel construction ensures zero water absorption, incredible shape retention and ensures a clean strike.

Laminated butyl synthetic bladder - designed to deliver rapid speed, intense power, and increased bounce, all while keeping ball shape throughout intense matches.

RB-2 Foam base-layer - provides a solid and responsive feel on the ball.

Newly developed texturing provides a smooth and detailed grip on the ball. 

Suitable for grass and astro surfaces.

FIFA Basic Accreditation

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