Linebreak Mens Sleeveless Compression Tank

$49.99 $44.99 Smartcard
Size: M
Colour: WHITE
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The Linebreak Men's Sleeveless Tank is for training and support for your on-field performance. Linebreak Compression Tanks are engineered with support panels for targeted muscles groups to provide you with the ultimate performance. Applying compression to working muscles improves blood circulation, protection against muscle bounce and hyper extension. The Sleeveless Tank will normally extend to the top of the lats and mid trapezius, fully covering all major torso muscle groups. The Sleeveless Tank features Gel Gripping on waist hem to reduce ride up during training. BENEFITS Enhances your everyday performance and recovery Muscle Sense - Muscular support technology Promotes better blood flow to traumatized muscles Extends your endurance by supporting your muscles Regulates your body temperature Flatlock seams to reduce chafing Reduced muscle injuries by restricting muscle bounce and hyper extension Moisture wicking fabrication for extended comfort during training Anti-microbial feature to reduce garment odour Reflective Linebreak logo for night training safety Gel gripping to avoid ride up
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