Kookaburra Concept 22 PRO 3.0 Adults Cricket Bat

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As the most unique batting range on the market, the Kookaburra Concept range pushes the envelope in terms of design, shape and performance. The Kookaburra Concept Pro 3.0 Senior is made for the modern cricketer with a duckbill profile and shorter blade. Features the new Clear grip, Counter Balance handle and weight range from 2lbs 7oz - 2lbs 10oz.

Player Type:As the bat with the best pick up in the Kookabura range, this is the perfect bat for the shorter format. The design also allows for those last minute reflex changes to batting decisions.

Bat Profile:Highest profile bat in 22/23 range with the apex of the edge and the spine about 250 millimetres up from the toe. This greatly enhances the pick up of the bat and helps players to achieve maximum bat speed It has a standard rounded face and standard toe profile. Recommended protective: Ghost

Grade 4 Unbleached English Willow
High Profile
Duckbill, Square Toe profile
Counter Balance Handle & Clear grip
Weight range of 2lbs 7oz - 2lbs 10 oz
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