Head Speed Pro 24 Tennis Racquet

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Size: 1/2
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The upgraded version of the Head Speed PRO 2024 tennis racquet, which is recommended by Jannik Sinner, is made for the advanced tournament player with a fast game.    

Built for speed, and a fast swing, the Head Speed Pro 2024 now has even softer and more sensational feel with the introduction of the new Auxetic 2.0 technology. Part of the bestselling SPEED series recommended by Jannik Sinner, this racquet is engineered for advanced tournament players who are looking for optimal control for their fast-paced games. The balance has been reduced by five millimeters to enhance maneuverability and controllable power, while the new design includes a special lacquer that is soft to the touch, complementing the softer impact feel.

For advanced tournament players
Optimal control for fast games  
Softer, sensational feel
Ultimate connection between player and racquet
Balance reduced by 5 mm
Enhanced maneuverability and controllable power
New design with special, soft-to-the-touch lacquer
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