Cornilleau 600X Outdoor Table Tennis Table

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Accessory and bottle holders, point counters, ball dispensers and storage the Cornilleau 600X boasts the best innovations without compromising on the basics: safety, ergonomics and ease of use. The quality of its rebound and perfect spin response will satisfy the most demanding of players.

100% Weatherproof 7mm Table Top
Designed for intensive use, this is the table for all your tournaments with Friends, Family and Neighbours. The thicker the table top, the better the bounce. With a 7mm MATTOP playing surface, the performance of the 600X will satisfy most players.

XL Frame to Keep the Top Straight
The frame corresponds to the metal structure that supports the playing surface. The higher it is, the more it ensures the flatness of the board in the long term. The frame of the Cornilleau 600X, like all Cornilleau outdoor tables, is made of Aluzinc, an anti-corrosion steel / aluminum / zinc alloy recognized for its very high strength. With 60 mm height, the Cornilleau 600X table has a large frame ensuring an irreproachable support.

Corner Protection
Protection on each corner of the table to guarantee maximum safety for your children.

Oversized Double Wheels with Brakes
200mm diameter twin wheels that are ultra-robust in design with plenty of clearance and ease of movement. Brakes provide great stability for even better playing comfort and additional safety. Even on a sloping floor, your table will stay in place when you are playing, but also when it is folded up and stored. The two brakes that equip the Cornilleau 600X table ensure it remains stationary when engaged.

DSI Safety Folding System
Easily fold your table tennis table away for storage. The patented DSI locking system ensures optimal safety, stopping at halfway if dropped, so you can be confident knowing its safe with children about. The Compact Technology folding system designed by Cornilleau reduces the risk of tipping, prevents any intrusion by a child between the trays in the storage position and makes it easier to open and close your table.

Point Counters
Who will reach the eleven point mark first and win the game? There will no longer be any excuse for making mistakes, intentionally or not, in the counting of points. When you do not want to use them, for example to play on a turn, you can easily fold them under the table.

Automatic Net Adjustment in Height and Tension
When you unfold your table, the net posts automatically unfold. Choose the correct height to play using the roulette wheel located at the base of the net. Then adjust the tension by simply pulling on the thread and locking it with its clasp. With your net set, you are ready to play.

Adjustable Swivel Feet
The Cornilleau 600X table is equipped with a very intuitive system that simplifies the adjustment of the feet. All you need to do is turn the upper part of one leg to level your table effortlessly. No need to lift the table because the mechanism is both independent of the foot and is not in direct contact with the ground. Simple and efficient. With its articulated glides at the end of the legs, the 600X table adapts to all types of floors. You can install it wherever you want without the quality of the game suffering. Grass, earth, gravel, sand� Your table will adapt to your playing field.

Bat, Ball and Item Storage, Plus Ball Dispenser
Conveniently store away up to 4 bats and 6 balls with storage on both sides of the table. Start your game whenever you want, without having to search for them. Plus, the Performance models include an extra storage compartment on either side, so you can empty your pockets and even put down a small bottle. During a game, you no longer need to look for your balls, take advantage of the dispenser which is located within easy reach.

Cup Holders
Always having something to quench your thirst at hand when playing ping, isn't that ideal? As with other storage, our designers took your feedback and created these cup holders that you can fold up when not in use. No more glass placed next to the table that you forget and accidentally knock over.

Made in France with 10 Year Warranty
This table is designed, developed and manufactured in France and backed by the best warranty on the market. All outdoor Cornilleau tables are backed by a 10 year warranty that covers all components with the exception of wearing parts such as wheels, the net and net posts. To make sure you continue enjoying your table long after your guarantee period, Cornilleau promise that spare parts will be available to you for 20 years.

* Bat and balls not included.
* Please be aware that due to freight issues we do not ship table tennis tables outside Melbourne Metro.
* The Bulky goods delivery service you receive is a standard curbside delivery by one person. Due to OHS regulations, you will be required to assist the driver in unloading the item and the delivery service does not include delivery in to your house.
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