TRNR Strength Tube Medium

$34.99 $31.49 Smartcard
Size: MED
Colour: ORANGE
The TRNR Strength Tube in Medium is the perfect addition to any training arsenal. This level of resistance is recommended for active individuals who want to build strength and improve joint stabilisation all at the same time. Incorporating our Safety String Innovation, the Strength Tube lets you work out with peace of mind, knowing that it cannot be overextended and result in snapping. The door anchor included also means greater exercise possibilities as it allows you to work against the resistance in any directions.    

Medium Resistance: focus on a balance between strength and endurance, joint stability and body toning
Weight rating: 6.6-13.2 kg | 14.6-29.1 lb
Challenges the entire upper body - shoulders, arms, back, chest and core
Each tube is made through a complex multi-dipping process for unmatched durability
Custom-built, robust handles that are suitable for all hand sizes
With TRNR logo
Includes door anchor for added exercise versatility
Exercise poster and free TRNR app access for inspiration
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