TRNR Physio Band Light

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Size: LGHT
Colour: BLUE

The TRNR Physio Band Light is your best bet if you're looking to tone up with high repetitions and optimise your range of motion. Developed to target the upper body, this flat resistance band will help you challenge your shoulders, back, chest, biceps and triceps. Incorporating our latex layer technology, it provides smooth elastic resistance and superior durability.    

Light resistance: focus on body toning, endurance (with high reps) and ROM (range of motion)
Weight rating: 3.6-6.6 k | 7.9-14.6 lb
Length: 1.5 m, making it suitable for even the tallest users
Can be knotted to perform rotator cuff exercises and prevent injuries
Made from premium quality natural rubber latex
Features printed weight rating in both kg and lb for tracking

Includes a convenient exercise poster to optimise your results
Travel-friendly and easy to store away when not in use
Recommended for individuals exercising occasionally or seeking to perform high repetitions
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