TRNR Hand Rings

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The TRNR Hand Rings come in a pack of two, with a light resistance for rehabilitation work and a heavy resistance for a focus on sports performance. The rounded contours let you perform crushing and pinching exercises, while the hollow centre accommodates effective finger extension exercises. Made from top-grade silicone that is both hypoallergenic and sustainable, the Hand Rings deliver a convenient solution that leaves room for progression. Whether you wish to increase your grip strength to up your game play or recover from an injury or operation and regain full arm and hand mobility, these Hand rings will have you covered.     

2 convenient tools for recovery and strength of the hand and forearm (Beginner & Advanced)
Light/Grey: 13.6 kg/30 lb and Heavy/Black: 22.6 kg/50 lb
Target flexor and extensor muscles
Can assist with Tennis Elbow syndrome
Doughnut-shaped design allows for both inward and outward resistance
Premium silicone composition for maximum durability
Ideal for flexion and extension exercises
Quick start poster included
Free access to the TRNR app
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