TRNR Hand Flexors

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Flex away to better grip strength and finger-forearm mobility with the trio of TRNR Hand Flexors. The anatomical design optimises functional movement patterns, helping you strengthen the extensor and flexor muscles running from your elbow to your fingers. With three distinctive resistance levels - from light to heavy - you can be sure to find just the right level of challenge for your needs.

3 finger & forearm exercisers (Beginner, Intermediate & Advanced)

Fun way to enhance grip strength

Target your extensor and flexor muscles

Light (light grey): 3 kg/6.6 lb of resistance for rehab use

Medium (dark grey): 4 kg/8.8 lb of resistance for strength

Heavy (Black): 5 kg/11 lb of resistance for sports performance

Made from silicone for its durability and hypoallergenic nature

Quick start poster included and free access to the TRNR app
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