Mitre Delta Train Australia Cup 23 Replica Soccer Ball

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Size: 4
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Introducing the Mitre Train Australia Cup football for the 2023 Season. A training & replica of the official Ultimax Pro Australia Cup Ball. The new design features a wealth of nostalgia & heritage, with design cues from the original Ultimax Ball of the 90's, but given an Australia Cup twist, with embellished trophy design and striking colour palette. The Delta Train Australia Cup Ball is a high performance training ball, developed to perform consistently during training. Featuring a foam back lining, to ensure maximum control, and so players can develop their confidence as they play. It's been designed with durability in mind, and superb air-retention so it will withstand use for the full season. Suitable for grass and astro. Available in various sizes, depending on age. (Size 4 and 5).

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