Asics GEL-Rink Scorcher 4 4E XTRA Wide Lawn Bowls Shoe

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Size: 8.0
Colour: 103
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The Asics GEL-Rink Scorcher 4 emerges as the embodiment of comfort, flexibility, and featherlight design in the realm of bowls footwear. Meticulously crafted, this shoe integrates mesh quarter panels within its upper structure, resulting in a reduction of overall weight and a notable surge in breathability levels. Its outsole, boasting a lower density composition, ensures impeccable traction, while the amalgamation of DuoMax technology with a midfoot Trusstic element elevates both arch support and torsion stability to unprecedented heights.

An infusion of Fluid Ride technology bestows the GEL-Rink Scorcher 4 with exceptional rebound capabilities and cushioning prowess. On the outsole front, the shoe proudly showcases exposed EVA segments that underscore its flexibility, while the presence of rounded pods stands sentinel, offering a shield of protection to the expanse of the rink.

Furthermore, it's imperative to note that the GEL-Rink Scorcher 4 stands endorsed by Lawn Bowls Australia and World Bowls, attesting to its compliance with the stringent standards of these esteemed governing bodies.

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